The Classes

Are you a new or expecting parent? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our Baby Class offers evidence-based information and support classes for those with little ones or ones on the way.

  • The Better Baby Class is the most comprehensive newborn prep class on the market, perfect to take as you prepare for the arrival of your newborn.

    Class Topics Include

    Embracing the final days of pregnancy; Plans for when you’re in labor; What is the “fourth trimester;” The “Golden Hour” after birth; Benefits of skin-to-skin contact; Common newborn procedures; Getting breastfeeding off to a great start; Signs of a good latch; Taking care of birthing mom’s body after birth; Newborn care days 1-14; Typical newborn sleep; Soothing a fussy baby; How to have helpful visitors; Establishing your new family; And a day-by-day guide for baby, birthing mom, and partner for the first week after birth
  • Our four infant classes can be taken prenatally or in the first four months of your child’s life. 

    Infant Sleep: Setting the Right Expectations

    Class topics include: Infant sleep cycles and patterns; Nap patterns; Sleeping through the night; Co-Sleeping;Nighttime parenting; Night wakings; Research against “cry-it-out”; Tips for safe bedsharing; Preventing sleep deprivation

    The Fourth Trimester: Your Baby's Transition from the Womb to the Outside World

    Class topics include: The 4th trimester; Inside the womb vs. the outside world; Newborn mammals; Soothing methods; The DFG checklist; The witching hour; Babywearing safety tips (KISS checklist)

    Tips and Tricks: Advice for the Early Days

    Class topics include: Teething; Nursing while sick; Separation anxiety; Milk supply; On-demand feeding; Feeding cues; Side-lie nursing position; Nursing in public; Feeding basket; Traveling with baby; Diaper bag essentials

    You're a Mom Now: Embracing Your New Normal

    Class topics include: Self care: meeting your emotional, physical, and mental health needs; Learning to set goals; Your changing relationship with your partner; Establishing yourself as a new parent: your new relationship with the grandparents; Your new post-pregnancy body
  • Partners in Parenting is intended to take as a couple before baby arrives.

    Class Topics Include

    What to expect in the first two weeks of becoming parents; The baby blues; Establishing a strong breastfeeding relationship and how partner can help in this; Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner; Building your parenting team; Helping each other succeed in your new roles as parents; Communicating with grandparents, family, and friends
  • Returning to Work can be taken at any time, pre- or post-baby.

    Class Topics Include

    Preparing to return to work; Choosing childcare; Communicating with the childcare provider; Talking to your boss; Talking to your HR department; Introducing a bottle; Expressing breastmilk; Building a breastmilk “stash”; Pumping; Breastmilk storage; How to bottle-feed a breastfed baby; Separation anxiety; Reverse cycling;Missing your baby
  • Your Older Baby: What to Expect Months 6-12 is perfect to take once your baby is four months old but before they turn one.

    Class Topics Include

    Sleep patterns; Signs of teething and ways to cope; Separation anxiety; Developmental milestones; Sensory play; Baby sign language; Introducing solid foods; “Baby Led Weaning” method for introducing foods; Baby proofing; Positive parenting

No matter what you are hoping to figure out about early parenthood we’ve got you covered!