Your Older Baby: What to Expect Months 6-12

Whether your baby is still an infant or already past the halfway mark, this class can be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know for months 6-12. We will review the developmental milestones your child is likely to experience in the second half of his or her first year and what this means for baby proofing the house. We will also explore fun ways to interact with your baby and stimulate his or her senses through sensory play. You will learn ten of the most useful baby signs, how to practice the “baby led weaning” method to introducing solid foods, and some tips for dealing with teething and separation anxiety. Months 6-12 are some of the most fun in this parenting journey and this OBC class is aimed at helping you and your baby get the most out of them. Class topics include:

    • Sleep Patterns
    • Signs of Teething and Ways to Cope
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Developmental Milestones
    • Sensory Play
    • Baby Sign Language
    • Introducing Solid foods
    • Baby Led Weaning
    • Baby Proofing
    • Positive Parenting