FAQ for Potential Teachers

What is Our Baby Class?

OBC is the creator of the first and only national curriculum of classes specifically designed for new and expecting parents. We offer online teacher trainings for our eight comprehensive, evidence-based, supportive, and fun classes. Classes consist of discussions, lectures, interactive activities, Q&A, demos, and videos. Click here for an overview of class topics.

Why teach Our Baby Class?

Whether you are a mother yourself, or work in the birth or baby industry, you know that becoming a new parent is hard; you know that there is a lot of not so great information out there; and you know that what new parents need more than anything is evidence-based information preparing them for their WHOLE introduction to parenting, not just the few hours of labor and birth. Our Baby Class truly prepares new parents. For a full list of reasons for why you should teach Our Baby Class, click here.


But there are already new parent classes in my area...

Not like these there aren’t. Our Baby Class is the only national curriculum that is standard no matter where you live. When you teach Our Baby Class classes, each student will get a professionally designed interactive workbook that they take home with them as a reference. We have an online portal filled with resources: articles to read, downloads to help you organize and expert videos from an IBCLC, and a Certified Babywearing Educator.

We do not compete with childbirth education classes as OBC classes do not cover labor or birth, but rather act as the perfect complement by preparing new parents for what to expect moments after their baby is born through the first 12 months of age. The transition to parenthood is often really hard, but with OBC classes parents are armed with evidence based information, realistic expectations, and the knowledge and confidence to take care of their whole family.

What do I get as a trained teacher?
  • A bound copy of our comprehensive lesson plans
  • 5 free student workbooks per individual class you plan to teach
  • Full access to our online portal with videos and supplemental information
  • A listing in our online teacher directory, which includes links to your social media and business webpages
What are the lesson plans like?

All of the content you need your students to learn and every question you should ask to help engage the class are included in our comprehensive lesson plan. We have written them in a way that you could read through the lesson, line by line, and teach a really great class. You can and should add in your own personality, teachable moments from when you were a first-time parent, or that funny thing your girlfriend did that leads to good advice. The lesson plans also include self-check goals and measurables so you can know if you are doing a great job explaining the course content. The class is entirely structured and ready to go for you to begin teaching immediately.

What if I haven’t experienced everything I’m expected to teach in an OBC class?

That is OK! We know that not everyone has returned to work or breastfed or maybe even been a parent, but that’s why every OBC teacher goes through a comprehensive training on our curriculum. Personal experience can be great, but there is no doubt you will be equipped to teach our lessons and offer support and guidance even if you haven’t experienced everything yourself.

What is the training like?

The trainings are entirely online and will take several hours to complete. We have a selection of instructional videos to watch and online resources to read. Following each lesson, you are required to take a follow-up quiz to ensure you understand the content contained in each unit. Once you complete the training, you will receive the lesson plans and complimentary student workbooks for whatever classes you trained in, via the mail. After you review and study the lesson plans, you will be fully prepared to begin teaching!

How much does it cost to certify?

The cost of the trainings range from $149 to $499 depending on which classes you wish to become certified to teach. Every training includes the comprehensive lesson plan, five student workbooks per class, the online resources, and your listing on our site. Each year you wish to remain an active Our Baby Class teacher, you need to pay a $35 renewal licensing fee.

Teachers must also provide every student a workbook, which you will purchase for them before your class via the online teacher portal. Workbook costs should be built into your class fee structure and then passed on to your students.

How do I get started?

You can purchase an online training now by clicking here.