Why Train with OBC?

Why Train with OBC?

OBC Classes are an Out-of-Box Business

When you train with OBC, you receive everything you need to launch a new business. Whether you start a new-mom support group in your community or use our classes as an add-on service for your current clients, everyone you teach will benefit from OBC. Classes can be taught in groups or privately. Trainings can be completed entirely online, on your schedule.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Each OBC class you train in comes with a comprehensive lesson plan that allows you to start teaching as soon as you complete the training. Every lesson is written line-by-line, including the questions you need to ask and the content your students need to know. The lessons are designed to give you the space to add in your own anecdotes and personality, while still providing plenty of content for your students.

Professionally Designed Workbooks

Every class comes with a full color workbook for your students. These workbooks help to guide your class and provide a take home reference for each person that you teach.