Why Offer Our Classes?

Mentor new parents and guide them through their parenting journey.

Being an OBC certified instructor allows you to mentor new parents and help make their parenthood journey as smooth as possible. You are already the kind of person that friends and family turn to for parenting advice, and maybe you already have clients because you are in the birth and baby world. This is the perfect add-on service to make more money and help the couples you are working with even more. It’s also a great first step to starting the baby business you’ve always dreamed of.

Give your clients more of what they want.

YOU. For those already working in the birth and baby world, adding OBC classes to your offerings is the perfect way to give your existing clients more of what they want. It will give you a competitive edge in your local market, introduce you to more prospective clients, and give you the opportunity to earn additional money by sharing more of your wisdom and love with the new parents around you.

Earn extra income.

Depending on how often you teach the classes you can make enough money to help cover household expenses or even save up for a nice vacation each year. If you already have a birth and baby business, Our Baby Class classes are a great addition to the income you are already earning.

Choose your schedule. Be your own boss.

As an OBC instructor, you are able to set your own class schedule and workload, allowing you flexibility. Our classes can be taught during the day, in the evenings, during the week and on weekends–any time you find availability in your schedule that meets the demand of your local market. Classes can be taught privately and in group settings.

Create the village that is missing in your community.

Becoming a new parent is hard, and it can be especially hard for those who don’t have peers who are new parents too. Our Baby Class creates that missing village, bringing together families in your community that have babies around the same age; OBC can help to create some of those much-needed first “mom friends.”